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If you’re thinking of buying a home, using an experienced and trusted real estate agent is essential. Currently, we’re in a a seller’s market. There are more interested buyers than there are homes for sale. The competition can be tough. That means, it’s important for you and your offer to stand out from the crowd. Here are 6 ways Realtors® can help you get your offer accepted.

1.Understanding The Client

One of the most important differentiations between real estate agents is their ability to identify their client’s needs and deliver accordingly. When an agent works to establish trust early on, the relationship starts with a strong foundation. This foundation allows for transparency and open dialogue that helps the agent do their job. That includes finding you the right home; suggesting a plan of action; and writing a winning offer. Additionally, having a good relationship ensures that your agent assists you in setting realistic expectations. This prepares you for the journey ahead.

2. Knowledge of the Local Real Estate Market

You may have already heard. Real estate is local. The more local knowledge your agent has, the better your chances of your offer being accepted. During a seller’s market, buyers need to stand out. The local market is surprisingly specific, right down to the neighborhood. You would be surprised how some community home models are more popular than others or how much location counts. An agent knowing the area can explain to the buyer why some homes are selling for more than others. Choosing an agent who understands these nuances is critical if you want your offer accepted.

3.Relationship with the Seller’s Agent

One advantage, often overlooked, of working with an agent is having them represent you and your best interests. To do this, experienced agents dialogue with sellers’ agents from very early in the home search process to establish contact and start a dialogue. This way, if you happen to fall in love with a home, it’ easier for your agent to go back and find out more about the owners. This will give you clues about what the owner is looking for in an offer. It tells another agent that you’re working with an experienced, confident agent who will work diligently on your behalf.

4. Preparation of the Offer

Arguably, the most important part of buying a home is having your offer accepted by the homeowner. To accomplish this, real estate agents rely on their knowledge of the real estate market, their understanding of their client, and their relationship with the seller’s agent. Agents help to prepare an offer that their client will agree understand and one that the seller will find appealing. This includes setting the sale price, deciding on which contingencies may be waived, and what other factors the seller(s) are looking for in an offer.


5. Follow-Up and Communication

An experienced agent also dialogues with your lender and ensures they reach out to the seller’s agent to explain your strengths. This makes a big difference as you just saved the seller’s agent time of having to call the lender. A seasoned experienced agent will know how to keep all channels of communication open.

6. Someone to Say Congratulations

Lastly, a talented agent knows how to stay in communication with you, beginning to end, and makes you smile by telling you your offer was accepted. The journey is often stressful. There is no better feeling that having your offer accepted at the conclusion.

Bottom Line

In this seller’s market, you don’t stand a chance if you’re not working with a seasoned experienced buyer’s agent. The competition is too rough to be taken for granted.


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