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For many of us, it’s been a while since we last visited the office. It may be that traditional offices will be a thing of the past. And since most workplaces instituted green initiatives, it may be time to review your at-home practices. It may seem like more of a challenge, but there’s no reason to stop thinking about ways to reduce your environmental impact while working from home during the pandemic. Whether it’s an individual effort, or a family mission, there are lots of ways to extend your green living habits to your home office. It’s so important you don’t forget to stay green.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Take advantage of the natural light coming into your home by setting up your work and school areas near windows to lesson the need for artificial lights.
  • Go paperless wherever possible. When you do need to print materials, photocopy or print on both sides. Consider getting a white board instead of sticky notes as well.
  • Reduce waste by using your own ceramic mug for coffee and slowly eliminating packages snacks in favor of bulk items and minimally packaged foods.
  • Convert bulbs to LED lights to save energy
  • Keep two bins in your office and school spaces; one for trash and one for recyclable products. Also compost organic waste when possible.
Have additional suggestions? Contact me or send me an email at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.