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This holiday season will be like no other. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are forced to stay at home for work, school, and time-off. Now, with the holidays fast approaching, many are wondering how it will all pan out. Large Thanksgiving gatherings, eating out at restaurants, meeting up with friends, all cause concern. With so many people still affected by the pandemic, it’s important to remain vigilant. This includes avoiding interactions with people outside the home. Still, it’s also the time of year people look forward to. It’s about catching up with family and friends. It’s about sharing and being thankful for blessings. For those who’ve decided to spend time with other like-minded, careful individuals, here are some tips on how to entertain safely this holiday season.

The Center of Communicable Diseases (CDC) offers tips for hosting gatherings in your home. It includes:

  • limiting the number of guests,
  • reminding those who are ill to stay home,
  • hosting events outdoors,
  • leaving windows open inside the home,
  • having hand sanitizer and masks available, and
  • avoiding activities that force people to be close to each other.

There are also specific CDC guidelines on how to entertain safely. Their flier is entitled Celebrating Thanksgiving.

My personal experience was hosting a small client appreciation party recently. It was difficult planning an event that would allow everyone to socialize safely. Thanks to the great work of local artist Meagan Gregg, I was able to host a Virtual Paint-and-Sip event. Meagan provided instruction using live streaming via Facebook. This allowed some clients to participate from the comfort of their homes while others joined me for a night of fun and artistry.

For more information on the Paint-and-Sip event, feel free to Contact Me :
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Meagan Gregg at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MeaganRoseDesign