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Autumn is an ideal time to bring in fun decor elements like fluffy throws, pillows, candles, and warm colors. These ideas are sure to make your home the coziest it can be. And also know these ideas will not blow your budget. According to HGTV, there are plenty of fall decor ideas that won’t break the bank. Here’s some expert tips on how to make your home cozy this fall.


Just as we put on extra clothing when temperatures drop, it’s also a good idea to dress your home with additional elements of warmth. A thick fabric welcome mat by your front door will provide something soft to sink your feet into. Long curtains also help insulate your home from the cold. Soft throws on your sofa and chairs will warm up the look of your room and provide a cozy spot for reading or napping. A fuzzy shag rug will warm up a floor too. You can also make your bedroom more comfortable by swapping out lightweight summer sheets and blankets for heat-trapping flannel sheets and winter-weight comforters. Also consider using softer lights to really bring coziness to the room. Additionally, drape a fleece throw across the foot of your bed for luxurious comfort on cold nights.


Nothing says warm and cozy like a crackling fire. If you love the look of a wood fire but not the cleanup afterward, fill your fireplace with thick pillar candles and light those instead. Dress your fireplace mantel with natural elements like autumn-hued gourds and leaves, succulents, or pine cones. Lanterns, potted mums, or a basket filled with a comfy blanket can add extra texture and color to your hearth when it’s not in use. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can use these same decorating ideas to add fall flair to any spot in your home. Or you could make yourself a faux decorative fireplace by hanging a floating wood shelf above a vertical wood-fence panel that’s attached to the wall.


Once you get your fireplace roaring or your candles burning, you’ll want to settle into a comfortable place nearby. A few pillows on your sofa and chairs or some oversized floor pillows can provide just the spot for comfortable lounging. Pillows can add beauty, warmth, and texture to a space. Look for autumn hues or fun fall prints.


Give long fall nights a cozy ambience by filling your space with soft, flickering candles and carefully chosen lighting. Place candles around the room, or add smart light bulbs to your light fixtures. Some smart bulbs have their own apps that will allow you to dim or change the color of the lighting. Others can be paired with Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon Alexa to operate. String lights strewn stuffed into Mason jars or lanterns can create a comfy or romantic atmosphere.


Even if you aren’t the outdoorsy type, you might find it calming to have natural fall elements in your home. Appealing fall items you could use include autumn leaves, seasonal flowers, or apples, decorative squashes, and corn husks from a local farm. Use houseplants, such as a large, leafy fern or a collection of easy-care succulents, to freshen and soften your interior’s look and feel. Here are some more suggestions from Architectural Digest.


Fall is filled with many pleasant scents you can use to make your home cozier, such as pumpkin spice, apple pie, and cider. Try simmering slices of apples and oranges with cinnamon in a pot on the stove, burning fall-scented candles, or decorating your home with bowls of potpourri made with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, and dehydrated oranges.


Framed photos of friends and family members will make you smile and are a simple way to bring personality and joy to your home. You could feature these photos on a gallery wall in your living room or display them on a coffee or console table. Your friends and family will feel welcome in your home when they see these memories on display.


When you have folks over to visit this fall, you will want them to stay awhile. Put out a board game or two and perhaps some coffee-table books to encourage conversation and hours of entertainment. By adding just a few decorative and fun elements to your interior spaces, you may find yourself getting more enjoyment out of the cozy moments you spend at home this season.


Fall is the time to let this beautiful weather inspire you. Use the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to lead thew way at home. By using natural elements, your home is sure to be cozy and warm this holiday season.

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