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Interview with Walter Ferebee

In this edition of the “Inspirational Companies” video series, I interviewed Walter Ferebee. Walter is the owner of Chip Technology and Chips Edible Sweets. Based in in Culpeper, Virginia, this entrepreneur shows what’s possible. He is now running 2 successful businesses from home.

His companies are quite diverse – one is in technology and the other is in the food and beverage industry. Walter seems to have time for it all. In addition to running his companies, he also has a full family life, boasting 9 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

In short, Walter is exemplary of living a full life and being one of the most inspirational companies in action. He encourages others to do the same by incorporating their businesses to gain the benefits of being a corporation.


Walter, like many like him, found himself searching for a new career. Coming from a businesses background, he started Chip Technologies. After that, he discovered his passion for cake decorating. Soon afterward, he started a new business in creating one-of-a-kind designs.



His technology company provides point of sales machines and accessories to clients in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, and Maryland. This profitable businesses entails extensive travel that clients are willing to pay for his specialized talents.


His cake decorating business, Chips Edible Sweets, offers custom-made, one-of-a-kind sweets and cakes in an array of styles and flavors. Clients appreciate the personal touch and the fact that he delivers right to your door.


Running 2 successful businesses from home is not easy but with proper planning, it is possible. Walter proves that point. There is no better time to start on a new career path.

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