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While spring is traditionally the best time of year to sell a home, the fall season cannot be ignored. As mortgage interest rates hover over 7%, many buyers are getting over the initial shock. Lenders are doing their part offering programs, like the 2-1 Buydown Program, that help with monthly mortgage payments. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, it’s not a bad idea. There are things that you can start doing to have your home looking its best. If you’re selling your home this fall, here are 5 things you can start doing now.

1. Decluttering

This is a great first step considering this is also the season to decorate and entertain in your home. With the pandemic concerns beginning to diminish, many are excited about the opportunity of socializing again. Why not start by giving your home a deep clean and declutter activity.

In decluttering, consider furniture that makes your home look overcrowded and small. Leave in your best pieces and consider a garage sale or online selling for these items. Why not make a little cash as an incentive?

In case you don’t know what “clutter” looks like, take a look at the images above. If any of your spaces look like this, it may be time to declutter. Many of us, including me, struggle with having too much “stuff”. This is a great process to clear your spaces and your mind. I read a great blog by Nettie Owens and can’t wait to catch her next workshop “7 Ways to Cure Your Too Much Problem“.

By throwing away unusable items, recycling, donating to charity, or selling online or through a neighborhood yard sale, you create a tidier home ready to show to prospective buyers. When recycling, consider the guidelines for recycling products in your county. Also know that glass can be recycled in purple bins. Know your county’s guidelines. How to recycle glass in Northern Virginia. Include all areas of your home including closets and drawers.

Without clutter, rooms appear larger and prospecting buyers don’t think you have an issue with storage space. Everything seems to fit and then some. This is what your home should look like. Keep in mind this is what is should look like when it’s up for sale. This is not realistic for everyday living. The idea is that you have less to put away when the time comes. Most sellers ask for 2 hours notice before each showing to allow them time to put away the excess and tidy up the home.

With a neat and tidy home, buyers will be able to admire the features and amenities of you home so much more.

2. Cleaning

You will also need to clean the house from top to bottom. This includes deep cleaning the spaces we often avoid. This includes under the sink, on top of and under the refrigerator, crown moldings,, hard to reach light fixtures, windows, and doors. This is so easy to start doing about a month before you are ready to sell your home so the tasks don’t overwhelm you. This is also the time to ask for help.

We usually share this checklist with our homes sellers before they put their home on the market. It’s extensive but easy to break down into portions. There is also one for the outside of your home, we’ll share next week.

Download our Home Selling Cleaning Checklist

3. Lights Camera Action

This one is all about the light. Lights, natural and artificial, are probably the most important effect you can control in setting a mood and showing a home well.

By making sure your windows, window sills, blinds, and curtains are all deep cleaned, you’ll be ready to let all the light into your home you possibly can. Don’t have large windows and want to consider a renovation project before you sell, this may be the one. Having natural light flood your home has a huge effect. It brings nature inside without the bugs.

Don’t have windows or a budget for renovations? Firstly, there are solutions for getting work done to your home and paying the contractor at the closing table. Please reach out to find out about this amazing program offered through Home Estate Realty | Coldwell Banker Realty.

Another great options is to invest in good lamps for the home. Use in areas of your home that are not well lit. It will be money well spent. There are also great finds at garage sales, discount stores, and online.

4. Curb Appeal

When buyers drive up to your home, your lawn, yard, and front walkway are their first impressions. Don’t go overboard spending too much money. According to most experts, the basics apply here. Keep your yard clean of leaves and other debris, trim the hedges and remove dead plants, week the walkways and flowerbed, and keep the lawn mowed.

Funny story, I got dinged by the HOA in my community for weeds. So bad! It was the one place of the yard I never go into and that’s behind the house, down from the deck. Well, there was a forest coming through the lattice work and I didn’t even know to. How embarrassing! It turned out to be a great bonding experience for my son and I. Considering I just moved here, I’ve since forgiven myself and plan to add that walk down into the back yard into my weekly routine.

Add the some color and fresh mulch to your garden for great curb appeal

Closer to getting your home on the market, I recommend adding fresh mulch and a pop of color to your garden for that extra “wow” factor.

5. The Wow Factor

Speaking of the “wow” factor, the second “first impression” buyers will have is entering your front door. If you have the budget, this is a great area to place your best furniture, art, rug, and decor pieces. We believe this often sets a great tone for the rest of the buyer’s home tour. Not sure how to decorate your entryway or rooms? We highly recommend consulting with a stager who can use your furniture to your best advantage. It’s why we offer our clients a FREE Staging Consultation when they choose us to sell their homes.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the fall of 2022, these tasks will help you to be ready when the time comes. Reach out when you’re ready to sell your home in Northern Virginia.